Thursday, June 28, 2012

first experiences..

 Your first experience ever in a sea kayak, can feel intimidating and nerve racking , right up to the point where you meet your coach and discuss the session, conditions and put on your kit.
 The anticipation of deciding to do something outside of your comfort zone, to take the next tentative step and actually book with Adventurous Experiences : )
 "Will the other people on the session be really good, will I hold them up, will I...."
 You'll be fine.
 Any session on the Calendar is open to beginners, unless its shows otherwise.
It may have folk who have paddled before, it may have paddlers who are competent as well as beginners, that's why we have a team of coaches, to ensure your needs are met within a group environment. 
 The Island has some stunning coastline, and sheltered bays, allowing us to deliver safe-fun-learning experiences in various weather and sea conditions.
 Last nights evening paddle from Peel was a fine example of this, two absolute beginners and two novice paddlers developing their sea kayaking experience. 
 A totally calm and sheltered journey, perfect!

A Coasteering experience around Peel Castle, with beginners, three of whom have been paddling around the UK... Craig, Stuart and Lee joined the group, they made a late decision not to head to Anglesey on Tuesday, given the adverse forecast of an increasing head wind with deteriorating visibility.
 Great visibility too - good to show our visitors some more of our stunning coastline.
 Water temperature is comfortable now as well, loving it!
 Thanks for the pics lads : )

ps. Had a text from Tim Cass - an Adventure Club member who's been paddling round the Island solo, to say he's completed on Wednesday Evening, back at Laxey.
That's some achievement, and the weather has been interesting too : )
A big congratulation from all the coaches!

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